Memorial Options

We are here to assist and guide you through the process of planning a ceremony. You can honor and celebrate the lives of your loved ones through remembrance. In commemoration, we discover healing, wholeness, comfort and peace. Remembrance allows us to be witness to a life well lived.

How to Honor a Life

We gather our family for important occasions which signify an event has occurred. When a death has occurred, bringing our family and friends together helps begin the healing process as we remember the important role our loved one has played in our lives. There is no right or wrong way to celebrate your loved one’s life.

It is Important to Have Some Type of Memorial Gathering

Years from now, as you look back, you want to know you made the right decision in planning the ceremony of your loved one. A gathering that has been carefully planned will bring support and affirmation to all who attend. The comfort we as grievers attain by being surrounded by family and friends cannot be measured. Their support lifts us up. It is all about you and your loved one.

Burial or Cremation?

Now that you’ve thought about the most appropriate service to honor your loved one’s life, your next decision needs to focus on whether to choose burial or cremation. Some people prefer one over the other, and there could be differences in opinion among family and friends. It is important that families try to understand different points of view and arrive at an agreement with which everyone is comfortable.

If cremation is the option of choice, then you’ll want to make the decision as to whether the cremated remains will be placed in a mausoleum niche, buried in the cemetery grounds, kept at home in an Urn or scattered at sea. In some communities, there’s the option for a ‘green burial’. If that’s what your loved one would prefer, we’ll help you select an environmentally-friendly choice of casket and location of interment.

Online Memorials

Online Memorials allow you to share stories, photos, and videos of your loved one; they also allow you to connect with family and friends. When visiting the obituary tab on our website, family and friends can leave comments to share condolences, offer words of support and sympathy. Family and friends can also view the obituary and service information. This page serves as a virtual tribute to your loved one, and a place you can return whenever you’d like to revisit memories and reconnect with messages of support.

Aerial Scattering at Sea

The families we service choose scattering by airplane for a variety of reasons. For some families, their loved one had a strong connection to a specific location here in Vero Beach, somewhere family and friends could visit in remembrance.

For others it is about the flying – being released into the wind and set free on a final journey. And some families want to have a goodbye that is as unique as the life of their loved one. Whatever your reason may be, our family would be honored to help with this special flight.